The Amazing Spider-man 2

  • Electro

Primary painter of Electro's skin, internal layers and head piece. Worked on projecting photo acquisitions of Jamie fox in Electro's makeup to his CG digidouble. Created extensive amount of iso maps, displacements, bump maps that are used throughout the movie to add inner complexity to the character.

  • Powerplant Env and Hydro Pump

I worked in the main two towers in the center of the environment and ground around the area to match set acquisition. 

  • Goblin Suit

Main painter of the Goblin suit from two painters. Painted a variety of maps including color, bump, spec, roughness, displacement and a few iso maps to match to photos from the set costume for hero shots.

  • Gwen Stacy Digi Double

Painted Gwen Stacy Digital Double and purple and green outfit.

  • Clocktower Gears

Painted over 100 gears in high resolution rusted maps as they were get really close in frame.

(also painted but not in the reel, misc buildings and vehicles. f Building roof tops dressings, and NY misc props.)

The Amazing Spider-man 

  • Lizard's lab-coat and bag

I was the main painter of the lizard's labcoat. Painted regular maps with stitches on edges and a variety of displacement maps and bump maps for wrinkles and puckering detail. I also worked in the concept for rips on the coat.

  • Subway Background matte-painting

I created a matte painting that was projected in simple models to imitate lighting and match photos taken in location.

  • Lizard human Skin

Painted a hero pass on Dr. Connor to match actor's face including eye maps.

  • Lizard Husk arm

Worked on concept creating and later on painted the husk arm of the lizard.

  • Bathroom

Painted full CG environment of the high school bathroom.

  • High school Hallway

I was one of the painters in a group of two to paint the hallway. I was responsible for the lockers, the picture frames, table, chair, misc props in the walls, fire extinguisher and other.

  • Sewers & Lizards

I painted the sewers environments, both above and bellow water, with the exception of the pipes. And painted the green lizard and the bearded lizard.

  • Spider and Glass

Also worked in the concept creation for the spider's look. Painted the radioactive spider, and a brown spider Peter sees while skating.

  • Peter Parker Full Digi-double

(also painted but not in the reel, misc buildings and vehicles. Gwen Stacy full Didi-double. Building roof tops dressings, and NY misc props.)



Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Hallway and Machine room

I was one of the two painters who worked on this environment. I worked mainly on both hallways, ground, back walls and roof pieces. I also worked on displacement maps for center pieces.

  • Head piece 

I worked on the digital recreating of the head piece and the internal wires 


Alice in Wonderland



  • Stain Glass Windows

  • Frog Footmans Outfit

  • Scroll
  • Talking Flowers


  • Lion's head

Worked on Full Digi-double of the Lion, which was used to later on replace snout and at times full face replacement.

  • Monkey's Head

  • Giraffe 

  • Elefant


  • Qbert and other creatures

I worked closely with lookdev and FX to get the look of the pixelated creatures. Most of my work was creating complex circuitry patterns that were later applied by fx to create the look of complex circuitry inside each pixel.

  • Washington monument
  • Crane arm
  • Prius

The Green Lantern

  • Abinsur Digidouble (Not the suit)

  • The Guardians skin

I was one of two painters to work in the Guardians, I worked i creating realistic skin with wrinkles, veins, sun spots, etc. 

  • Rameyholl & Ngila

  • Machine Gun construct